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Virtual Measurements & Control Inc. (VMC) designs and manufactures state-of-the-art weighing and factory automation control instrumentation. Our programmable indicators are designed around the rugged PC-104 architecture. With over 250 companies now manufacturing PC-104 products that stack directly onto our MC Module, our products offer virtually unlimited expandability.

VMC also offers a diverse range of weighing products from balances to industrial platform scales for your selection. We also provide a wide range of load cells to cater for all types of application. Our Checkweighers and Metal Detectors are designed with the latest technology for your factory inspection needs. Our comprehensive range of products will definitely satisfy all your weighing needs.

Our products are distributed by our network of distributors who are trained to help you with your application. VMC promises to deliver quality products and continuous customer service support. VMC is a supplier you can trust.
In 1995, Virtual Measurements & Control, Inc, (VMC) was formed with the vision to provide mass-customized measurement and control products for the changing technological needs in factory automation in the 21st century.
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